NCR Silver is built around simplicity and ease of use for all types of businesses— from food truck operator to multi-site retailer. Even though NCR Silver is a cloud-based tablet POS solution, we also give you the ability to stay operational even if the Internet is down. And when you include the flexibility to choose the best operating system and hardware devices that work for your business, NCR Silver has what you need to take your business to the next level. 

NCR's restaurant technology helps make everyday easier.

 The magic of our restaurant management solution starts at the point of sale system and extends far beyond that. From greet to seat, order to preparation, delivery to final payment, we help you operate more efficiently, manage your restaurant and engage your customers through a comprehensive and integrated technology solution. 



Use Your Current Processor or Use One of Ours

This system offers that full features of a traditional POS with all the current day flexibility of a mPOS system at a much lower cost in operation and installation.


NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition (SPRE) is an iPad-based point-of-sale built specifically

for restaurants that extends the simplicity of the base Silver POS with specific restaurant


Specific technology demands for restaurants vary greatly. As a leader in this space, NCR meets

these demands with a broad set of solutions, each of which is designed to serve specific market

demands. Typically, restaurants who are target customers for SPRE will have less complexity

and lower annual unit volume; however, in most cases determining the right solution “fit” will

require a high-level review and astute observation of the restaurant operations to confirm that

capabilities offered by SPRE match the operator’s needs.

Comparison guides have been developed to help you understand the general points of

differentiation between our two POS offerings: Silver Pro Restaurant Edition and Silver. Each

guide provides breakdowns between Silver Pro Restaurant Edition and Silver. These guides are

separated into three categories:

• Restaurant Profile - what type of customer will generally be served best by the solution?

• Optimization - what high-level technical capabilities does the solution provide?

• Capabilities - what restaurant-specific features/functions are provided by the solution?

Understanding Silver and Silver Pro

Depending on the complexity of the operations and the revenue of each location, NCR Small

Business has two solutions that can fit the needs of many restaurant operators. In order to

best address the needs, it is important to understand the high-level differentiation between

which types of operators would leverage each solution:

Operators best served by Silver Pro Restaurant Edition:

This segment consists of restaurants with medium volume/mid-level

operational complexity, and many operators in this segment have been

using either ECRs or competing subscription-based, cloud-based

POS solutions that run on consumer devices (such as iPads).

Operators best served by Silver:

Silver is designed to be a single solution that serves multiple

segments of the market (both retail and restaurants). As

such, restaurants best served by Silver are simple and have

limited menus, such as a cupcake shop or food truck.

ECRs in the past have typically served the majority of

restaurants in this segment, but restaurant operators

have been seeking additional functionality that

cash registers cannot provide, such as simple

customer engagement and mobile restaurant

management capabilities.


NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition benefits operators through a cloud-based point-of-sale that

is specifically-tailored to address challenges in running a restaurant, all through a monthly

subscription. Below are just a few key operational benefits of Silver Pro Restaurant Edition (SPRE):



The Problem The Solution Benefits to the Operator

Configuration is too time consuming • The 50 points of configuration within

SPRE reduces implementation complexity

and timelines

• SPRE can be self-installed or is installed

and configured by NCR or a certified sales


Operators can implement a high-quality

technology solution quickly and easily,

and stay focused on their restaurant’s


Hardware needs repairing or replacing The monthly subscription fee includes

hardware maintenance on NCR-provided

Silver hardware (i.e. iPad Stand, Bixolon

printer, MSR, cash drawer)

Operators can have peace-of-mind knowing

that NCR will repair or replace any Silver

hardware that malfunctions

The system doesn’t work when the

internet is down

SPRE features fault tolerant architecture that

keeps all devices running even if there is no

internet connectivity

Operators can rest assured their restaurant

will keep ringing sales even if the Internet is


All orders are sent to all printers,

creating lower productivity

SPRE is able to send orders to the kitchen

and to specific printers within the restaurant

Operators can increase order accuracy,

reduce errors and improve speed-of-service

Difficult to connect with and market to


• SPRE is able to collect customer

information, like phone numbers and

email addresses, at the time of the sale

• SPRE’s dashboard makes it easy to set up

simple marketing campaigns

Operators can grow their recurring business

by engaging their customers in an easy,

simple manner

High investment cost SPRE is available for a monthly fee that

includes Concierge Service.

Operators can utilize a restaurant-specific

POS without any significant apital expense

to get up and running

Access to key sales and other

information outside the restaurant

SPRE’s cloud-based POS enables real-time

access to business metrics and reports from

any web browser or mobile dashboards

from a smart phone.

• Operators can run a more profitable

business by having anytime, anywhere

access to their restaurant’s data

• Operators can stay “in the know” even

when outside of their restaurant


Download the Full Playbook

Silver-SPRE Playbook_Final_Channel112 (pdf)