Mynt POS

 Mynt is a sleek, all-in-one POS system that offers an integrated receipt printer, cash drawer, and card reader. The 14” touchscreen is high-definition for crisp display and easy reading. The company boasts 24/7 support (included in the monthly cost of the system) and offers initial remote installation and training with a Mynt expert.The POS system includes features for multiple industries, including a variety of food service businesses (fine dining, quick service, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, ice cream shops, juice bars, and specialty food stores) as well as general and boutique retail.

Mynt Features

Mynt offers features in multiple ‘categories’ including payments, table layout and management, item creation and inventory management, printing and reporting, and management functions. We’ll go into detail on Mynt’s features below, or you can watch the company’s introductory video: 


Mynt Point of Sale Software Demo


In the payments category, Mynt offers all of the modern options you’d expect or need at your business. You can split a bill to allow customers to use multiple payment types like cash and card, split a check between multiple customers, enable tips on credit card sales, 

automatically charge a gratuity for parties of a certain size, and apply discounts. You can also customize tax rates for standard percentage sales taxes, taxes per item, or by volume of the item purchased. 

 If you offer different pricing at different times of the day or days of the week (such as for happy hours or discount days) the easy price adjust features allow you to quickly go from regular pricing to special pricing.

Table Layout and Management

With Mynt’s table layout and management options, you can customize the layout in Mynt to match your actual table layout for effective hosting and seating. A table preview option lets you see what items each table has ordered, and easily move or merge tables. You can also open and close tabs, or move a tab to a table as needed.

Item Creation and Inventory Management

It’s crucial to have an accurate, up-to-date menu and inventory. With Mynt, you can add or edit items from any of the POS stations and the changes will automatically flow to other connected stations. You can add images for easy recognition when staff enters orders and enable an item modifier option to customize items according to your customers’ preferences. Modified items let the kitchen staff see changes to the items so that orders are prepared correctly.  Additionally, Mynt includes inventory tracking to keep tabs on stock levels and can generate purchase orders automatically based on numbers of items sold.

Printing and Reporting

Mynt has a built-in receipt printer, but can also work with remote printers and kitchen printers so that everyone who needs information has it. You can also add your name/logo to receipts, and optionally include a marketing message on the top or bottom of the receipt.With more than 20 built-in reports, you can quickly see how well your business is doing. Reports can be customized to show pre-set dates (like current day, week, or month) or set to any time period you’d like. You can also choose to run a report at the end of each day showing daily sales and items sold.Reports have graph capabilities to help see important info at a glance, and can be exported in PDF or Excel formats.

Management Functions

Employees designated as managers can access additional features not available to regular staff, such as options to void transactions. You can set the access level individually for each employee, ensuring they have access to the functions necessary for their job and not to additional functions that should be limited. You can also see reports for sales made by individual employees.

How much does Mynt POS cost?

To use Mynt, you’ll either purchase the equipment outright or choose a monthly payment option for the equipment. These costs are separate from the costs to accept credit cards, which are also explained below.

Hardware Costs

The Mynt POS station includes the terminal (with integrated receipt printer), a cash drawer, card reader, and the POS software. You can optionally add a remote printer, barcode scanner, employee swipe cards, or a locking cover for the cash till. 


Compatible Credit Card Processors

Mynt states that its preferred processor is WorldPay but does allow other processors. The company also has a partnership with Netcom Paysystem, a processor that places certified quotes here at Merchant Service Consultants. That means that if you want the best of both worlds, you can use Mynt as your POS system while still getting extremely competitive credit card processing backed by all of Merchant Service Consultants protections, like a lifetime rate lock and no cancellation fee.

Credit Card Processing Costs

Mynt doesn’t set your pricing for credit card processing. The credit card processor who handles your transactions sets those costs.You can see a complete cost breakdown (no hidden fees) by using the free quote request tool we offer for businesses. There’s no obligation, it only takes 3 minutes, and we don’t give out your contact info. 

Mynt POS Reviews

Unfortunately, there aren’t many available customer reviews for Mynt online, and the company doesn’t have any reviews on its website or its official Facebook page.A single review on Amazon indicates that the customer was not satisfied and felt the POS software was too complicated. However, one review doesn’t give much insight. If you’ve used Mynt, let us know what you think. Leave a comment below!

Product Features

Status Universal Product Category POS Systems Features Inventory management, Sales reports, Employee tracking & management, Windows-based system, Bar Code Scanners, Card Readers, Cash Drawers, Receipt Printers, Kitchen Printers & Monitors, Portable Receipt Printers 



 Mynt offers quick start guides and color-coding to help with quick setup of your new system. The company has a visual guide, pictured below, and offers remote customer support.