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Netcom Merchant Services Payment Solutions

Netcom Merchant Services Payment SolutionsNetcom Merchant Services Payment SolutionsNetcom Merchant Services Payment Solutions

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MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS is a professional sales, marketing, consulting firm specializing  in the credit card industry we're here to help your business. Starting from a full service merchant solution resource company that you may need for business planning to upcoming goals and dreams, we’re here to help you achieve your vision. We’re not just the credit card guy we’re your professional credit card financial partner. 

Mission Statement:

Simplicity and fairness is our mission, a simple program without hidden costs and fairness that allows our Merchants an easy understanding of their credit card programs.The simple mission for MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS is to have a marketing program that starts with a presentation with many advantages. One that wants the merchant to stay with MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS after the sale has been made and then knows MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS and its Affiliate will support and service their business effort. MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS is an aggressive sales and marketing company anchored in the payment processing business.MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS has its feet planted solidly in the merchant services and the ancillary processing industries. With our ISO/MSP relationship with Netcom PaySystem plus their dedicated support for the independent agent by providing the very best pricing so we can knock on any door with a complete array of products at competitive pricing. In the merchant service arena Netcom PaySystem has negotiated the most flexable agreements with our processors that we can Waive PCI Compliance Fee for all customers for as long as they process with MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS

NO Early Termination Fee and NO Upfront money needs to be collected. Lower merchant fees, online payment solutions, merchant credit card processing. MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS offers processing to every legal business that wants processing. All our vendor’s customer service areas are vetted so we can offer only the best customer service.

MERCHANT SERVICE CONSULTANTS wants customer retention and happiness with our programs to go hand in hand.



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A B C D - Why Do Business With Us?

  Always on your side; 

Knowledge, trust, saving is what you’ll always receive from Merchant Service Consultants

  Before you buy; 

We’ll show your company how to accurately evaluate the merchant account that fits your goal

  Cost awareness; 

We’ll help you decide which pricing plan is the best for you to accept credit cards payment within your industry environment.. 

  Don’t regret your choice;

 We’ll simplify and help you understand the best options to fit your company goal 




 Credit cards have become the lifeblood of modern commerce. Customers like credit cards because they save having to make a trip to the bank. Most medium to large physical and online stores accept at least one type of credit card. However, the decision to accept credit cards may be more difficult for a small business. There is a cost associated with accepting credit cards and you have to evaluate whether the benefits outweigh the cost. 



 Verifone, Ingenico, Pax Technology are some of the more populate desktop terminals that accept EMV chip cards. EMV simply stands for EuroPay, Mastercard, and Visa, the organizations that pioneered the technology. It’s actually the name for a set of security standards used for credit card processing. EMV has been the dominant technology in Europe and Canada for decades, but most of the world has switched over to EMV. 



  The part of technology that involves mobility. Mobile technology includes general packet radio service (GPRS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), Bluetooth, 3G, 4G wireless fidelity (WiFi), global positioning system (GPS), CLI, wireless application protocol (WAP), and short message service (SMS). 

electronic equipment such as mobile phones or small computers that you can use in different places, and the technology connected with them: 



 E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably. The term e-tail is also sometimes used in reference to the transactional processes for online shopping. 



Customer care is our priority because your business is our business.. Merchant Service Consultants has been offering merchant services since 2009.



Full cost analysis with no obligation to change. We review all areas including the possible cost of changing processing equipment. It's easy to show merchant account savings, but if your current equipment can't be used where is the savings?

Our Partner

 Netcom PaySystem (a division of Netcom Data Southern) is a registered ISO/MSP of Citizens Bank, N.A. Providence RI. Netcom PaySystem is a registered ISO/MSP of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


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